Essay on Nazi Party

Religion and Resistance in the Nazi Regime

From perhaps the dawn of mankind, human beings have differed from less sentient beings in many ways; not the least of which is the belief in a higher form of life, a god or creator. This uniquely human characteristic has contributed to the shaping of our concepts of “good” and “evil. ” The impact of […]

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Hitler Leader

Adolf Hitler A true great political leader takes full advantage of favorable conditions, is able to rule the people under poor circumstances, and most importantly has the full support of his/her people. Adolf Hitler, quite possibly one of the most despised human beings in the world, fits this description. Hitler was a political genius but, […]

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Industrial Nations in the Slump

The Great Depressions mist critical effects were on industrialized nations. Before the Depression The people in the primary-producing countries had low standards of living. They wouldn’t feel shattering disappointment when either their incomes fell or they lost their jobs. But the people of the industrialized nations had come to expect relatively high standards of life. […]

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor In January 1933

This question has sparked a debate amongst many well-known historians; Alan Bullock and Ian Kershaw, for example, have written whole books on this topic. There is no simple answer to a question such as this, and by writing this essay, I aim to consider both the internal and external factors of the Nazis’ rise to […]

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The Most Important Factors that Led to Hitler’s Rise to Power in 1933

Within this essay, I will pick and describe the main vital factors in Hitler’s rise to power. The factors I will pick are the Treaty of Versailles, His History, the Munich Putsch, The economic depression of 1929, his speech-making and management, and the verdict made by Von Papen and Hindenburg to employ Hitler as chancellor. […]

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor In January 1933 Analysis

The worldwide slide into the Great Depression began in October of 1929 after the Wall Street Crash. The effects were felt globally, however Germany suffered to a greater degree as the American banks requested the loans, which were the heart and engine for the German economy and industry. Thousands of businesses were forced to close […]

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Did The Nazis Succeed in Controlling the Hearts and Minds of German Youth

“It is my great educative work I am beginning with the young. We older ones are used up… We are bearing the burden of a humiliating past…But my magnificent youngsters! Are there finer ones in the World? Look at these young men and boys! What material! With them I can make a new World”.This speech […]

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Hitler’s domestic policies between 1933 and 1939 enjoyed widespread popularity among the German people

To say that between 1933 and 1939 Hitler’s domestic policies enjoyed widespread popularity is a disputable statement and to understand to what extent the Nazi government was popular it is necessary to investigate factors regarding domestic policies. When Nazi came to power in 1933, Hitler did not start his chancellorship in a happy way. In […]

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Albert Speer and the Nazi Party

‘History is about winners” how accurate is this statement in the relation to the personality you have studied. Historians are divided on the extent to which Albert Speers contributed to Nazi Germany during World War 2 and prior to it as Hitter’s architect. Speers was a winner as he became Reich minister of armaments and […]

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How far is it accurate to describe Hitler as a ‘weak dictator’?

The Third Reich, for Hitler, was supposed to have lasted 1000 years minimum, but it only lasted 12 years and four months. Many historians blame this on an individual that’s Hitler himself. Whether it is accurate or not to describe Hitler as a ‘weak dictator’ has been questioned for decades, leading to the heart of […]

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Hitler Youth Movement

The Hitler youth movement started not long after Hitler came into power. The Nazis wanted great control over the youth and did whatever it took to get that control. The younger generation was used, manipulated, and brainwashed to join the service for the “good” of the Third Reich. For that purpose they created groups for […]

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