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Gentlemen, Your Verdict

From what perspective is the story told? (1 mark) This story is told in limited omniscient third person perspective. This is because the narrating voice enters the minds of most characters, excluding the radio telephone scenes. You can only hear Lieutenant Commander Ram’s voice, not the character on the other end of the radio. 2. […]

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The Navy Multiband Terminal

The Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT) Program is the next generation maritime military satellite communications terminal. The NMT Program is the required Navy component to the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Program for enhancing protected and survivable satellite communications to Naval forces. NMT multiband communication capabilities will communicate via two way Ka-Band on Wideband Global Satellite […]

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Chris Kyle, Us Navy Seal

Owning his first gun at the age of eight, Chris Kyle learned to shoot as he hunted with his father for deer, quail and pheasants in West Texas. Chris was raised in Odessa, Texas and dreamed of joining the Unites States Marine Corps but upon finishing high school he became a professional bronco rider, apparently […]

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The US Navy Corpsman

The US Navy Corpsman has come a long way since the indoctrination of the medical field in the Navy. Along with the advancement of medicine, the roles of the Corpsman also advanced. Corpsman now play one of the most important roles in the Navy, as they go anywhere and everywhere the Navy goes. Whether it […]

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