Essay on National Security

Industrial Security Analysis

Industrial security was mainly formed by a number of security managers from some big companies in 1940s to talk about the regulations of the government. The main aim of the professionals was to be able to gather and share information together and together they formed American society for Industrial Security. This society has been in […]

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Contract Security

This papers seeks to highlight the differences between Proprietary and Contract Security. The paper will give verified information on these two. Thesis statement: both Proprietary and Contract Security are securities in the market yet they operate different but aim at meeting similar goals. (Fischer & Janoski, p. 138) Literature Review: First, we will start this […]

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Design of an Autonomous Car

PREFACE “The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.” Frank Herbert (1920-1986) Autonomous systems play a significant role in developing and deploying modern technology [1]. These systems such as driverless vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) all have contributed significantly to scientific research, wars, reconnaissance and intelligence [1]. […]

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Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies and

This is extremely important because most of our national power grid suppliers are privately owned. This paper will further analyze the subjectivity technologies of today as well as the technologies coming down the pipeline, and the policies that guide the United States against malicious threats to national security. Subjectivity Technology Technology in the right hands […]

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