Essay on Narrative Mode

Analysis of Brother Dear

Brother Dear Short story written by Bernice Ferries pug. 25 “Brother Dear” features a young female narrator recounting her brother’s visit home from university and the family conflict that results. Read the first three paragraphs of the story. 1. With a partner: Read the first three paragraphs of the story. Identify whether the narrative is […]

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Analyse The Ending Ambiguous And The

Towards the end of the novel as Vernon faces the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit, he has an outer body experience. The ending is indefinite as the reader is left questioning whether Vernon is alive or dead. The uncertainty of Vernon’s fate is worth exploring.From chapter twenty-six onwards, a chain of events […]

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Different Types of Paragraphs

In the framework of writing academic works, students are faced with different structure and types of indents. This also applies to budding writers who are looking for a creative way in literature. Let’s look at what is worth paying attention to. Paragraph Structure Any composition, as all of us were taught at school, consists of […]

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“The Bloody Chamber” by Angela Carter

“With close reference to one of the tales, discuss how Carter draws upon and subverts conventions of the fairy tale”Usually fairy tales are told to children to teach them a moral lesson in life or as is mostly the case, help them tell the difference between good and bad. Angela Carter is someone known to […]

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Champion of the World

Maya Angelou’s Champion of the World and Amy Tan’s Fish Cheeks both trade with racial differences within America. Angelou’s piece presented what it was like for African-Americans during a important event in the center of the apartheid – the turn between Joe Louis. the World Champion. and his white rival. Through the usage of two […]

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Lady’s Maid by Katherine Mansfield

“ Lady’s Maid “ is a short-story written by a Katherine Mansfield , a famous British writer , was first published in 1920 . It is the final story in the 1922 collection of her work, The Garden Party and Other Stories. The writer is well known for her psychological stories. In the “ Lady’s […]

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