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Puta – 369 words – College

To become a nail technician you need skills in manicure, pedicure, nail art as well as extensions, to have creativity, patience, an organized approach, awareness of the need to keep to health and safety procedures, up-to-date knowledge of fashion trends, customer service and ‘people’ skills. You need to be trained this where after you work […]

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Chi Nail Spa Bar

I. Executive SummaryChi Nail Spa Bar is a full service nail salon that intends to open in Downtown, Atlanta which is an outlaying community of the greater Atlanta, Ga. Chi is a sole proprietorship operated by myself, Ericka Miller who is very passionate about nail art, high fashion and glam. This will be my first […]

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The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down” is a quote that reinforces the importance of ‘fitting-in’. In Japan, the nail that sticks out can be hammered down for any reason – better grades, worse grades, making a mistake in a team activity. In a country where an unspoken rule of conformity is combined with […]

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