Essay on Myocardial Infarction

NCSBN- Post Test A-L

A nurse is caring for a 69 year-old client with end stage renal disease. What action should the nurse take to assess for patency in a fistula used for hemodialysis? a. Irrigate with 5 mL of 0.9% normal saline b. Palpate for a thrill over the fistula c. Observe for edema proximal to the site […]

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Wounds – 245 words – College

Wounds3 types: * Neuroischemic * Ischaemic * NeuropathicISCHAEMIC ULCERCritical Limb Ischemia – Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Thrombus= clot. Embolism= break off from the thrombusSigns, symptoms, presentation, referrals, imaging, dressings? ManagementDefinition  (PAD)= narrowing or occlusion by atherosclerotic plaques of arteries outside of the heart and brain.Risk factors for PAD= high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, hypertension, inactivity, and overweight/obesity.Symptoms of PAD= intermittent […]

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Synthetic Cannabis

More than 639 calls have been made on synthetic marijuana so far this year according to the American Association of Poison Control Center (AAPCC). The number has doubled each year since 2009. I will be explaining; what synthetic marijuana is, why people smoke it, the side effects of it, and how the government is taking […]

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