Essay on Music video

How is Lady Gaga represented across two different mediums

Lady Gaga is a world famous singer and celebrity and she has an image that the public expect to see. She is known for her unique fashion sense and for wearing provocative clothing. In the music video “Poker Face” she is portrayed as a confident and controlling character that is always the focus and centre […]

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What goes around comes around and The kill

Both of the music videos that we have studied have equal amounts of qualities which make it ‘more than just a music video’. In this essay I will be evaluating the different techniques, used by the directors, which make it so. These two videos have been singled out due to their original style. As opposed […]

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Music Video Analysis Uprising Muse

‘Uprising’ is a song composed and performed by an English alternative-rock band called MUSE. Uprising comes from their fifth studio album ‘The Resistance’ and was released in September 2009. The music video that accompanies the song was directed by Sam Stephens and John Hobs. The main story or meaning of the song was inspired by […]

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Kanye West “Jesus Walks”

Kanye West’s music videos of the song “Jesus Walks” became very controversial in society when it came out because of its references to Jesus Christ. I can see how some people could become very offended with one of his videos because it showed a man dressed up as Jesus.

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