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High Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is a high-rise building located along Peachtree Street NE at Atlanta, Georgia, in the commercial and artistic district of downtown. Named after one Harriet High, one of its many major benefactors, this characteristically white building’s original structure was design and built by the renowned architect, Richard Meier back in the 1980s. […]

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“Behind the Scenes at the museum” – Kate Atkinson

“I exist! ” So begins the novel, Behind the Scenes at the Museum. Ruby Lennox has literally just been conceived and is already starting to narrate her life story. Although many of the chapters in the book are told from Ruby’s perspective, commenting on the present, there are others that follow called footnotes. These depict […]

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Critique of Backs in Wax Museum and Willie Lynch Letter

As I walked through the Blacks in Wax Museum I was both upset and happy by what I saw. Going into the slave ship and seeing the slaves being branded like livestock and shackled one on top of the other really brought to life the struggle that the slaves had to endure. I don’t understand […]

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Philbrook museum

Philbrook museum explores the beauty of nature in various works of art; the excellence of nature is collected into different sections. The interesting thing about the museum is the tenacity with which the arrangement has been done, the orientation of historical perspective on the works and its importance on the developments of art over the […]

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Visit to the Brooklyn museum of Art

For the first assignment in Instructor Laude’s Art 100 class, the class had to visit the Brooklyn Museum’s Egypt Exhibit on the 3rd floor. Where we chose a work of art each student thought was interesting and writes a paper describing and analyzing the art work. The work of art that I chose is the […]

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