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Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu, also known by the sobriquet The Nightingale of India, was a child prodigy, Indian Independence activist and poet. Naidu was one of the framers of the Indian Constitution. Naidu was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the Governor of Uttar […]

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Cobbler Scam

CASE STUDY ON THE COBBLER SCAM INDEX Serial Number. TopicPage Number. 1Introduction4 2How the scam unearthed6 3People affected by the scam7 4Legal Details7 5Politicians Implicated in the scam9 6Treatment of the scam13 7Media Projection16 8Conclusion 34 9Bibliography36 INTRODUCTION The Cobbler Scam is one of the biggest multi million dollars scam in Indian History, is nicknamed […]

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