Essay on Mosquito

Best Natural Mosquito Repellents

The ability to repel mosquitoes has now become more of a necessity than a choice. The use of natural repellents to ward of mosquitoes, ticks and other insects has increased greatly in recent years due to concerns of brain damage and other health risks associated with the ingredient known as DEED found in most chemical […]

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Abstract Mosquito Repellents

Natural “KATOL”: From Extracted and Dried IPIL-IPIL INVESTIGATORY PROJECT In Partial Fullfillment of the Requirement in Chemistry 3 Presented to: Ms. Glenda Frenandez (Teacher in Chemistry) Presented by: Leader: Faur, Nicah Claire Members: Barcenilla, Ian Bumatay, Jan Renzo Gecosala, Dhenzl Deocampo, Joy Ann Desolong, Micheal Eulogio, Mary Ann Cuello, Lyka Edang, Cristy Ann Embile, Gemar […]

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