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Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a term used to define a chip or microcontroller. This chip or microcontroller can be placed into a motherboard configuration such as devices like mobile devices, or a personal computer (PCs). The requirements and application was presented and established by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), to deliver a solution where […]

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CIS502 – 300 words – College

Mobile Device Security and Other ThreatsMelissa MDr. Constance BlansonTheories of Security ManagementNovember 30, 2014Analyze the emerging security threats presented within the “Security Threat Report 2014”Security threats have not only grown and matured quickly, but the people behind these threats have become more creative in camouflaging their work. These criminals have become more adept at eluding […]

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16 Mobile Devices and Social Networking Security Solution

Man Gain and Shills Meta 85 Mobile Devices and Social Networking Security Solution Abstract: Nowadays almost everyone is using smart phones. They are becoming an essential tool in human beings everyday life. They are not only used for mere communication such as calling or sending text messages; however, they are also used in applications such […]

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Information Dissemination Through Mobile Devices

1. Broad Subject : – With the advent of the Internet and the plurality and variety of fancy applications it brought with it, the demand for more advanced services on cellular phones is increasingly becoming urgent. With digitalization, the difference between telecommunication and computer networking is fading and the same technologies are used in both […]

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Compilation in Informatics

Mobile devices ( smartphones, tablet computers) have become ubiquitous and subsequently there has been a growth in mobile applications (apps). Concurrently, mobile devices have been integrated into health care practice due to the availability and quality of medical apps. These mobile medical apps offer increased access to clinical references and point-of-care tools.However, there has been […]

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