Essay on Mineralogy

Geology Test 2 Review

Chemical weathering Weathering that involves a chemical transformation of rock into one or more compounds Eluviation When water moves down through E and washes out the five soil components. Erosion The physical removal of material by mobile agents such as water, wind, or ice Laterite Soils that develop in hot, wet tropical places where there […]

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Sediment Inputs to Subduction Zones: Why Lithostratigraphy and Clay Mineralogy Matter

The article “Sediment Inputs to Subduction Zones: Why Lithostratigraphy and Clay Mineralogy Matter” by M. B. Underwood discusses lithostratigraphy architecture in terms of tectonic behavior and material properties. The thesis of the paper is that clay-size particles do affect sediment’s coefficient of permeability and friction. To prove his position the author conducts Seismogenic Zone Experiment […]

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Bowen’s Reaction Series

Mineral occurrence in igneous rock is most simply explained by Bowen’s reaction series. Norman Levi Bowen discovered the series of reactions while studying the process of crystallizing minerals in Washington, D. C. in 1928. In order to best express his findings to his scientific brethren, Bowen created a visual display based on when and under […]

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K-Feldspar, also known as Potassium Feldspar or orthoclase, is the most common rock-forming mineral. It covers up about 60% of the Earth’s crust (Feldspar). Feldspar crystalizes from magma which is found in both extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks as well as metamorphic rocks (wisconsingeologicalsurvey. org). They form at medium to high temperature and at certain […]

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