Essay on Metabolism

Muscular System: Muscle Metabolism

Muscular System: Muscle Metabolism 1. List the three roles of ATP in muscle contraction: 1. _Energize the power stroke of the myosin cross bridge. 2. _Disconnecting the myosin head from the binding site on actin at the conclusion of a power stroke. 3. _Energizing the calcium ion pump. 2. The potential energy in ATP is […]

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Effect of coppicing on Abundance of Violets

A natural woodland ecosystem contains rich sources of wood such as oak and beech that humans want to exploit. It contains a stable community of plants, insects and birds. Coppicing is a method of cutting trees near the bottom and allowing them to grow with many branches at the bottom. This is designed to be […]

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Ariana Grande

The main thing I stay away from is starchy carbs (no rice, potato, pasta, bread, cereal, etc. ) and sweets (with a cheat day once a month because it’s good for your soul 😀 ). However it’s important to have some carbs (depending what they are) because they’re a great source of energy and certain […]

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