Essay on Media Studies

The function of Genre

The concept of genre is useful in looking at ways in which media texts are organised, categorised and consumed. It is applied to television, print and radio texts s well as film. The concept of genre suggests that there are certain types of media material, often story-types, which are recognised through common element, such as […]

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Media Studies – Teen Spirit assessment

Picture the scene, the year is 1955 and ever since the early 1900’s there was a growing demand for motion pictures. The genre’s come wide and fast – Horror, Sci-fi, Children’s, Animated and comedy which where becoming more recognisable during the 1950’s. However never before had a movie for the stress fuelled teenagers of the […]

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Media Studies: Magazine Evaluation

For my project, I was told by my employers, make and develop a new car magazine called Speed, I was given the status of director, so I ran the project, along with my colleague Humza Sharif. I chose to give the magazine the name speed because the name gives the audience an idea of what […]

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Nigeria as a Nation

Nigeria as a democratic state like every other state needs the media to drive or prolong good administration and breed national development. But the media frequently regarded as the 4th estate of the kingdom have an tremendous undertaking to carry through this function as the watchdog of the society. The undertaking or function of the […]

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Parasocial Interaction

The concept of parasocial interaction connotes a parasocial interpersonal relationship wherein the mutually between the two communicating forces is vaguely present and composed. Somehow, the sociological perspective towards this concept is a one-sided relationship wherein the individual is greatly intrigued and curious about the persona characteristics, while the other does not know much about the […]

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