Essay on Martin Luther


I believe that Lutheranism was very revolutionary as it challenged the beliefs and practises of the Catholic religion. Its religious foundation was based entirely on the Bible and it changed many aspects of society within Germany which appealed too many of the different groups. However, Luther was not revolutionary himself and did not intend to […]

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Peasants Dbq

Peasant’s revolts DBQ In 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a Church in Germany and began a change Europe. Many people second guessed how the Catholic Church was practicing religious teachings and this grew in Germany. After years of battling for religious reforms, a new religion was formed named Lutheranism. Between 1524 and […]

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Did Erasmus Lay the Egg Luther Hatched

Did Erasmus lay the egg that Martin Luther hatched? , this is such a complex question. One would have to take into consideration that Luther and Erasmus did not think to keenly of each other, and disagreed on many factors. Especially with one being of the catholic faith and the other reforming against Catholicism and […]

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