Essay on Market share

Market Share

Whitney Williams MKT 428 MW 2:00-3:15 September 20, 2008 The Brita Products Company John Deighton January 15, 2002 1. To what do you attribute Brita’s success? •It is owned by a well established and successful company, Clorox. •They own a large amount of market share. •Each pitcher sale starts a flow of filter sales. •Their […]

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P&G vs Colgate

Introduced in September 2002, Colgate’s ‘Simply White’ posed a threat to P&G’s dominant market share in the over- the-counter teeth whitening product category. Colgate emphasized that its product bleached teeth as effectively as P&G’s Crest Whitestrips and priced it at a significant 65% lower than Whitestrips which allowed it to gain almost 50% market share. […]

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Apple Computer, Inc.: Strategic Review and Analysis

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Apple Computer Inc. ’s strategy to gain market share dominance by market penetration has achieved poor results. This report finds that the industry has consolidated around six companies. The industry is unattractive for new entrants but for the existing firms, there is much market growth to be exploited. The financial analysis of Apple […]

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Ducati Harvard Case

Ducati is looking to continue to drive growth by taking market share from current competitor Harley Davison. The firm plans to attack the market niche of Harley Davison with the Ducati interpretation of its cruiser. This is a misguided way to drive sustainable growth in the long term. Harley Davison is a major American motorcycle […]

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Market Share Analysis

Markstrat Online – Tips for the Business Simulation Game This is the unofficial guide on how to play the Markstrat Online game. I helped our team to come from last position to 1st place so it should be able to help anyone. Most people playing this game are probably doing it for a marketing class. […]

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Strategic Advantages Profile of Maruti Suzuki

Taj is serving its customers to its best and it is able to achieve 5-star ratings from a long period. But in this era all have to apply marketing strategies to attract customers otherwise the competitors will not leave a single chance to grab market share. The strategies used by taj as explained above are […]

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