Essay on Mail

Anthony Browne and Mail Online website

In this essay I am going to be comparing two texts on Children’s literature. The first text is an interview with Anthony Browne on the Scholastic book clubs website and the second is an article on first-time author Scott McIntyre on the Mail Online website. The interview with Anthony Browne is on a site that […]

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Summary of We’Ve Got Mail Always

Email has become so entrenched in our lives that it has become the common mode of communication in the workplace, and for some, it has become a lifeline to the world as well. Many of us can hardly imagine life without it. That email enhances as well as complicates our daily business is a given. […]

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You’ve Got Mail

In the scene “Barrels” Jaws (1975), of the three categories music was more prominent than any other. There were several conversations as well. When anyone thinks of Jaws, they think of the music. It creates a sense of danger, suspense, and apprehension. The music in this scene works well with the dialogue, lighting, and continuity […]

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