Essay on Mail

Compare and Contrast Essay: Postal Mail and Electronic Mail

We live in the era of modern technologies. Therefore, a lot of the things we do, we try to automate in order to make them less costly and more comfortable, to get them done faster and more efficiently. Electronic mail is just one of those inventions that many of us cannot imagine our life without […]

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Office Practice

MODULE -7 Wage Employment in Business Notes 31 MAJOR OFFICE ACTIVITIES I n the previous lesson, you have learnt about the various functions of an office and their significance, and the relevant departments in a modern office. You will recall that collecting, processing, analysing and presenting information constitute the key functions of an office. Mail […]

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Anthony Browne and Mail Online website

In this essay I am going to be comparing two texts on Children’s literature. The first text is an interview with Anthony Browne on the Scholastic book clubs website and the second is an article on first-time author Scott McIntyre on the Mail Online website. The interview with Anthony Browne is on a site that […]

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Summary of We’Ve Got Mail Always

Email has become so entrenched in our lives that it has become the common mode of communication in the workplace, and for some, it has become a lifeline to the world as well. Many of us can hardly imagine life without it. That email enhances as well as complicates our daily business is a given. […]

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Types of Internet Users

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world; it allows people to do more tasks than any other piece of current technology. The Internet can replace several things altogether in one’s life: telephone, the postal system, physical shopping, banking at the bank, and even dating. With so much available on the […]

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