Essay on Magnetic Field

Physics of Xray

The X-Ray imagination system has one map. and that is to supply a changeless flow of negatrons that are strong plenty to bring forth and x-ray beam to make an image. There are many different sizes and types of imaging systems but no affair what system you use. every type will hold three chief subdivisions. […]

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Self induction and mutual induction

CHAPTER-1 1. Initiation 1.1 Introduction Induction is the belongings of electrical circuits incorporating spirals in which a alteration in the electrical current induces an electromotive force ( voltage ) . This value of induced voltage opposes the alteration in current in electrical circuits and electric current ‘I ‘ produces a magnetic field which generates magnetic […]

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Plotting equipotential lines of electric

Objective:Plot the equipotential lines patterns of electric fields set up by electrodes of different shapes.Apparatus:Result:The experimental results were get by setting up the apparatus as shown below first. – A paper was placed under the conducting plate.- Three electrodes were dipped into the conducting plate- One of the electrodes and a flying probe were connected […]

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Maxwell Faraday and Maxwell Ampere Equations

Applications of Differential Forms Maxwell Faraday and Maxwell Ampere Equations R. M. Kiehn (in preparation – last update 10/31/97) Physics Department, University of Houston, Houston, Texas Abstract: The topological universality of the Maxwell Faraday and Maxwell Ampere equations is an artifact of C2 differential forms on a domain of dimension n * 4. Starting with […]

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Electromagnetic Force

Electricity and magnetism are two different aspects of one force. This force is called the electromagnetic force. Electricity can be generated by rotating coils of wire in the vicinity of a magnet. When a force moves objects toward and away from each other it is called electricity. When it comes to magnets, Earth and other […]

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Types of Dc Motors and Dc Generator

MOTORS – convert electrical energy to mechanical energy Motors and generators are the most frequent used electrical machines. ? Generators action can take place when and only when, there is a relative motion between conducting wires and magnetic lines of force. ? Electric motor is in operation when it is supplied with electrical energy and […]

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Magnetic Field Lines

Student Exploration: Magnetism Vocabulary: attract, bar magnet, ferromagnetic, magnetize, North Pole, repel, South Pole Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo. ) 1. What happens when you place two magnets close together? It depends on the sides when the two North Pole sides are meant then they get pulled together. And if it […]

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