Essay on Magnesium

Nucleophilic Addition to a Carbonyl: the Grignard Reaction

Procedure: The experimental laboratory procedures were divided into two categories. First the formation of phenylmagnesium bromide, and second the reaction of the phenylmagnesium bromide with the carbonyl compound. However, before any of this could be done, the refluxing apparatus for the Grignard reaction was to be flame dried until no moisture remained inside because any […]

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Mass of magnesium

Method1 Mass of Mg = 0.12g Volume of Hydrogen = 128cm3 Treatment of results Mg + 2HCl ==> MgCl2 +H2 * n= v?V ==> 128 ?24000 = 5.33?10-( moles * mole ratio is 1:1, therefore moles of mg that reacted= 5.33?10-( moles * RAM of Mg (n= m?M ==> M= m?n) ==> 0.12 ? 5.33?10-( […]

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