Essay on Madagascar

Evaluating Madagascar’s EAP: Problems for the future

Madagascar is globally recognized as a biodiversity hotspot. The world’s fourth largest island is home to some 10,000 plant species, 316 reptile species, 187 amphibian species, 199 bird species, and 84 mammal species (including 71 primates) found nowhere else in the world.1 It is also home to a population of 17 million people plagued by […]

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The film Madagascar 2

The movie Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa is an first-class movie filled with beautiful life and great wit. The subject of the films is more on friendly relationship and how the characters manage to cover with one another despite the problems along their manner and the differences of their personalities. The movie is extremely recommended […]

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Madagascar, better known as the eighth continent of the world, is one of the most precious landmasses on earth. Lying in the Indian Ocean, it detached from the African mainland 165 million years ago and developed into magnificent uniqueness through its wide range of biodiversity, large areas of forested lands, and its rare animals such […]

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