Essay on Macbeth Of Scotland

Who Is Responsible For Duncan’s Death

In the poem Macbeth it is obvious that there are 3 people who are responsible for the death of King Duncan. The first choice is off course the 3 witches, the second Macbeth and the third Lady Macbeth. It is clear that the witches are the starters of the corruption, Lady Macbeth the catalyst who […]

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Shakespeare show the importance of particular choices

How does Shakespeare show the importance of particular choices and decisions in Macbeth? BY Gingerers How does Shakespeare show the Importance of particular choices and decisions In how Machete’s choices combined with many other factors have a huge impact on the direction of the play and can have dire consequences. Shakespeare uses a number of […]

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Ambition: the Rise an Decline in Macbeth

Ambition: The Rise and Decline in Macbeth Many people, both young and old, strive to rise higher in their caste system. Many teenagers aspire to go to college, and many working people aspire to be promoted. Ambitions drive these individuals to reach their goals. Ambition drives an individual to reach their goals with a powerful […]

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Macbeths Diary

Saturday 16th June 1602Today was the most amazing day ever! You would not believe what happened!!! Let me start from the beginning…It was really dark and cloudy. And as I trudged through the mud with Banquo; I heard them. The weird sisters. At first I didn’t know what to think, the thunder that rumbled overhead […]

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Irony of Macbeth, and Antigone

1. Act 1 Scene 4, line 50; the witches hail Macbeth, “thane of Cawdor! ” Dramatic irony: At this point, Macbeth is unaware that the king has conferred this honor upon him because of his valor in battle, so he attributes his fortune to the witches’ prophecy. However, the audience knows Duncan made the pronouncement […]

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