Essay on Low-Cost Carrier

Service design

Today’s focused surroundings in the air transport industry has never been harder or additionally unforgiving. More players are one key stumble far from focused elimination. Approaches that worked in the past essentially don’t cut it in today’s hyper-focused commercial center. As per a later study on high execution in the carrier business, there are key […]

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British Airways Analysis

1 Introduction The last few years have seen a lot of difficulties for everybody in the airline business. This report aims to identify and analyse current difficulties faced by British Airways, as well as suggest steps to implement change and outline any barriers and resistance to change. 2 Problems and opportunities facing British Airways 2.1 […]

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Budget Airlines

Task Three: Budget Airlines CONTENTS •Who and what are budget airlines •Marketing environment – Micro environment – Macro environment •Sources of information •Segmentation •Targeting •Positioning •Marketing mix – price •Questions Budget Airline Definition ?Budget airlines don’t have free meals and entertainment •Budget airlines don’t issue tickets •Budget airlines have only one class – budget class […]

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the Ryanair Company internal strengths and weaknesses

Michael Porter defines Strategy as a “ combination of the ends for which the house is endeavoring and the agencies and policies by which it is seeking to acquire at that place ” . Harmonizing to him the Strategy is about competitory place, about distinguishing yourself from the point of position of the client, about […]

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Jet Blue Airways

Jet Blue Airways is a low cost airline that has revolutionized the American airline industry.  This paper aims at analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this company and presenting the information in a SWOT matrix.  It also aims at analyzing the value chain, Porter’s five forces, organizational structure and the external environment of […]

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Airphil Express

II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Airphil Express, which also has been called PAL express, is PAL’s budget airline. PAL’s transfer of its pilots to its budget airline is the alleged reason for the resignation of the pilots. PAL had to beef up its operations in order to compete with Cebu Pacific. However, instead of hiring […]

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Delta: An Oligopolistic Market

The elasticity of demand is based purely on current market conditions, the customer’s purpose for travel, and available substitutes. While sitting in Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport, one cannot help but to notice and feel an overwhelming dominant presence of one particular airline. Delta as we know it today, traces its roots way back to 1924. […]

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