Essay on Louis Xviii Of France

Marie Antoinette Movie Review

Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake. ” The movie Marie Antoinette sure is as sweet and colorful as cake. The film premiered worldwide on May 24, 2006. Marie Antoinette has won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. It has also won best Art Direction and Best Costume Design for both the Las Vegas and […]

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How successful were French Kings in dealing with financial problems in the period 1498 – 1559

In the period from 1498 to 1559 three kings ruled France, Louis XII from 1498 to 1515, Francis I from 1515 – 47 and Henry II who was king from 1547 to 1559. All three of these kings were faced with many difficulties, although none so difficult as their financial problems and although each king […]

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Why Inspite of His Wish to Avoid Extreme Policies Did Louis Phillipe Fall from Power in 1848

louis phillipe wanted to produce a liberal country thus he avoided extreme policies. he extinguished all harsh policies which charles x had imposed in france such as press censorship. however,although louis phillippe proved to be liberal and upheld all the revolutionary principles of 1789 his downfall was caused by the people of france,the ones whom […]

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Domestic and foreign policies of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon’s Domestic and Foreign Policies Prior to the 1700s, King Louis XVI got in power. He married Maria Antoinette. She is the daughter of Katherine the Great from Russia. While the king and the queen were enjoying their life in the palace of Versailles, people outside the palace had difficulties finding bread. The French Revolution […]

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