Essay on Local Area Network

Wireless Local Area Networks and Security Mechanisms

A WLAN โ€“ Wireless Local Area Network LAN โ€“ Local Area Network IEEE โ€“ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers WEP โ€“ Wired Equivalent Privacy WPA โ€“ Wi-Fi Protected Access NIC โ€“ Network Interface Card MAC โ€“ Media Access Control WAP โ€“ Wireless Access Point AP โ€“ Access Point NAT โ€“ Network Address Translation SSID […]

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Network Design

This was accomplished by breaking down all of the sections and building upon all previous assignments. This was a good course as I learned a lot about all of the deferent sections of building a network. The pros are now I know how to build a network on the design side from the ground up. […]

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Vlan โ€“ 609 words โ€“ College

Introduction Virtual Local Area Network or VLAN is a logical local area network. VLAN extends beyond a single traditional LAN to a group of LAN segments. VLAN is unique because it is a logical entity, where configuration is done in software. This paper will explain the benefits of VLAN and how implementing VLAN would benefit […]

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