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Name: Iqra NasirTASK 1Prepare a set of cue cards for use with a beginner’s class. Each card is to show a different nationality. Either make a simple line drawing of a face on each of 8 cards and write a typical name to go with each face eg French – Pierre, Japanese – Shoo OR […]

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Detailed lesson plan in Earth Science p

Motivation Good morning class This morning we will have our next lesson. But before that I have here an activity for you. This is a game, a very familiar game for all of you the “Word Finder’. The instructions is you are going to cross out the word as much as you can that you […]

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Lesson Plan Basketball

Let the students change (7 minutes) Explain to the students what the plan for the lesson is and introduce the activities (5 minutes) Ask the students to take all their jewelry off and the girls to tie their hair up (1 minute) ACTIVITY 1 Warm-up: Figure 8’s (3 minutes) 1. On the sidelines, the students […]

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Sculpture Unit Lesson Plan

Unit Title and Theme: Exploring Identity through Sculpture Finding meaningful links between students’ self-discovery and individual identity and the way they relate and interact with society as a whole, while building on their current knowledge of 3D art and introducing new ways to think of sculpture. Key Vocabulary:UniversalIdentity SymbolismDiversity MetaphorTolerance InterdependenceStereotypes Discussion Topics: Over-arching ideas […]

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Lesson plan: defining aims

Lesson program: Shaping Purposes What is a lesson program? Before we do anything we must be after what to make, how to make, why to make and when to make. Besides in the instruction, a instructor must be after what he wants to learn the pupils, why he wants Teach and how to learn. The […]

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Lesson Plan: Present Perfect and Past Simple Using for

CELTA TP Lesson Plan Front Page |Name: |Tutor: |Length of Lesson: 40 |TP No. 4 | |Day & Date: Wed 15th Feb 12 |Level: P. I. |No. of Students: | | Main Aims: Language Point – tenses present perfect and past simple using ‘for’. The main aim of the lesson is to: Teach the use […]

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Thank You M’Am

An unexpected friend In Langston Hughes, “Thank you, M’am, readers quickly met two characters: Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. Readers learn that Mrs. Jones is a big, fearless women for fighting off Roger. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones gives off a mean first impression to readers.. People may not see these traits at […]

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Lesson Plan Digital Electronics

I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students shold be able to: 1. Learn the functions of monostable multivibrator; 2. Apply the knowledge in making their own circuit; and 3. Discriminate the monostable multivibrator from other types of multivibrator. II. SUBJECT MATTER: Major Concept:Multivibrators Sub-concept:Monostable Multivibrators References: * http://www. eleinmec. com/article. asp? 4 […]

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Lesson Plan

Mayor Ramona S. Trillana High School Sto. Rosario Hagonoy, Bulacan A Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV (Fourth Year) I. Objectives After the discussion the students will 1. match the words with their meanings accordingly, 2. arrange a sequence of food chain in Ecology as a group, 3. explain ideas about Ecology, 4. write a […]

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Lesson Plan Evaluation

Running head: LESSON PLAN EVALUATION Lesson Plan Evaluation Team Purple Tracy Walsh, Laquesha Wilkins, Tameka Yancey Grand Canyon University EED 503N- Curriculum & Methods: Mathematics November 24, 2010 Lesson Plan Evaluation Many schools require their teachers to follow a specific curriculum and pacing guide as they teach mathematics. The mathematics expectations, or standards, vary from […]

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