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Once More To The Lake Analysis

The concept of memory reveals a tension between past and present, as memory spans days, years, and decades, resurrecting the past as an integral part of the present moment. In E. B. White’s essay “Once More to the Lake,” a father struggles with an internal conflict between the present and the past, and between memory […]

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B Yeats (Notes)

The Lake Isle of Innisfree. Poet: W. B. Yeats Topic: Nature Theme: The main theme of this poem is the poets longing to return to the beautiful isle of Innisfree and to live in harmony with nature. Subject Matter: At the time, Yeats was living in London. He was tired of the hustle and bustle […]

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Precis: Once More to the Lake

Once More to the Lake precis E. B. White reflects on his return back to the lake from when he was a boy. This was his ideal vacation spot when he was a boy. He found great joy in the visit, which ironically causes himself to struggle that he is now a man. White was […]

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Meech Lake Accord

Poli Sci. Meech Lake accord and Charlottetown Accord can be defined as attempts of Canadian government to make Quebec rejoin the Canadian Constitutional family. P. M Brian Mulrooney wanted that Quebec should symbolically rejoin the Canadian Constitutional family. Therefore, the new premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, was asked to outline conditions for such reunion. Mulrooney […]

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Once More To The Lake

E. B. White’s essay, “Once More to the Lake,” ends with his feeling “the chill of death. ” This phrase is a haunting and initially abrupt end for the essay, especially since on first reading the essay seems to be merely a pleasant description of a lakeside vacation. With a little attention, though, it’s easy […]

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree

In W. B. Yeats’s “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” the poet describes Innisfree as a sanctuary. It is a place where the speaker will find peace. The poet paints a picture of this safe haven where one can escape the mundane world. It is a utopic island where one can find solace away from the […]

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Crow Lake – College

“Guilt is the hilt of the knife that we use on ourselves, and love is often the blade; but it’s worry that keeps the knife sharp, and worry that gets most of us, in the end” (G. Roberts). Guilt is the strongest and most corrosive of feelings. Like acid, it can eat away at your […]

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Importance of hussain sagar lake

I love to think of nature as a great broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour if we only tune in. These immortal words of George Washington convey a deep message of the stupendous beauty of nature and simultaneously show the right human attitude that is required in this regard. Humanity has […]

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