Essay on Joseph Stalin

How and why did Stalin rise to power?

Vladmir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks who seized power in November 1917. He died in January 1924 after a series of strokes that left him completely paralysed, and eventually killed him. When he died, he left no clues as to whom he wanted to succeed him as ruler of the USSR, even though […]

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What were the purges?

Purges refer to “cleansing out”. Purges regularly took place in Russia especially when the leaders wanted to reshape the party or exercise more control.Three phases in the purges of 1930’s can be identified-1. Chistka of 1932-35. 20% of the party was expelled non-violently.2. Show trials. Prominent old Bolsheviks were publicly tried and executed.3. Mass terror […]

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Joseph Stalin Analysis

I think that Stalin’s political powerbases were one of the main reasons he emerged as leader of Soviet Russia by the end of 1929. Obviously there were other factors that aided him, such as the alliances he formed, and even his personality. Obviously I don’t think that it was all down to one factor alone […]

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Stalin – 2570 words – College

At the height of death and destruction in the twentieth century, Joseph Stalin’s named is mentioned only behind that of Adolf Hitler.  Upon his death in 1953, mixed emotions flowed as result of his actions (Roberts 2003). It ranged from the ideal cult figure to the most benign of dictators.Stalin received a hale of praises […]

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Corruption of Socialist Ideals Examples

1. Corruption of Socialist Ideals Examples of the theme of corruption of socialist ideals can be seen throughout Animal Farm. Once Napoleon takes over as the leader of the farm, his reign becomes corrupted. In the book Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin andSnowball represents Leon Trotsky. The struggle between Stalin and Trotsky during the rise of […]

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