Essay on Jonathan Swift

Review of Modest Proposal

“A Modest Proposal” is an evocative essay written by Jonathan Swift in 1729. It effectively addresses one of the great ills of the time – the economic meltdown and endemic depravity afflicting Ireland, via the creation of Swift’s persona of an Anglo-Irish landowner who believes he has the solution to Ireland’s immense social problems. The […]

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Humanism in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

Introduction: Man has always been interested in the discovery of the unknown. The movement of the human species in search of better survival opportunities has been a prime driving force in the cross-exchange of information, philosophy and culture, and intellectual evolution. Ever since the sixteenth century, travelogues have found a place in civilizing man. Homer’s […]

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The Social Criticism in the Works by Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmiths

Both, Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmiths use satire in their works but they use it for different purposes. Swift uses satire as a tool to fight social vices. He uses it in two main approaches. First of all, he uses satire to make a point at current faults of the society and to highlight necessary […]

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Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal

In 1729, Ireland was made up of seventy percent Catholics. The country was run by a Protestant ruler and was against the Irish. The ruler of Ireland at the time made any penalizations he could at the Catholic people of Ireland which, in turn, made them extremely poor. Jonathan Swift’s article, A Modest Proposal, gives […]

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The Surprise Ending

In Jonathan Swift’s essay A Modest Proposal, the author uses satire in the essay and the title itself, to make a point about the English government allowing the citizens of Ireland to starve to death. The proposal that he makes is by no means “modest,” hence the sarcastic edge surrounding the title. The essay was […]

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