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How effectively do you think those ‘piecemeal solutions’

When surveying Europe’s legal landscape, English law’s refusal to incorporate a general duty of good faith identifies it as somewhat of an oasis, standing in stark contrast to those around it. Yet in examining the net result of those ‘piecemeal solutions’ used in its place, is it truly so adrift? If, after all, these present […]

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Which Consideration Are Most Incongruent With Common

It is generally accepted within the law of contract that the ideal[s] of contractual fairness and liberty should prevail in contractual disputes. Central to these ideals is the doctrine of consideration and the principles within this doctrine such as, the lack of adequacy needed for consideration and the rules derived from both Stilk v Myrick […]

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Quasi Contracts

INTRODUCTION AND RATIONALE OF QUASI CONTRACTS Under the general heading of the Quasi contract there has been grouped a number of cases which have little or no affinity with contract. A simple illustration is afforded by the action to recover money paid by mistake. If the plaintiff on an erroneous interpretation of the facts, pays […]

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My Job Search Experience

My Job Search Experience In September 2009, I was laid off for the first time in my career. I was given a 60-day notice by my previous company. So I had about 2 months to find a new job before officially becoming unemployed. But luckily enough, I was able to land a new job within […]

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Law Casestudy

A Is John’s advertisement an offer or “invitation to treat”? On 10. 3. 2012, John advertised his car for sale at RM50, 000 in the local newspaper. The advertisement is either an offer or “invitation to treat”. An offer is required to form an agreement. Under S2(a) Contracts Act 1950 offer is when one person […]

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