Essay on Jealousy

Othello and Jealousy

Jealousy is described as feelings of resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages. It plays a very large role in Shakespeare’s “Othello”. Jealousy is the fire that motivates Iago and clouds Othello’s judgment, leading to the downfall of both men. Iago is extremely jealous of Cassio because of his position in […]

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Annotated Bibliography – Sex Differences in Jealousy

The evolutionary model of jealousy implies that jealousy responses between men and women evolved to aid them with the different reproductive challenges faced by the two sexes. It states that, when it comes to infidelity, men are concerned with their female partner becoming pregnant by another man and are therefore more likely to feel jealous […]

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Othello: Jealousy and Love

William Shakespeare’ Othello is an impressive work that is mainly dominated by the theme of jealously following love. These elements are bound together to create a tragedy so devastating it compels both the characters and audience. From the very start of the play the conversation between Roderigo and Iago during Othello and Desdemona’s elopement should […]

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