Essay on Jazz

The Jazz Age Defined

The Jazz Age could be defined at the rise in popularity of the African American and their culture. Jazz became the new musical sensation; people flocked to Harlem in New York City to listen to the new music along with the dance and theater. Following World War I, African Americans migrated north and a majority […]

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The chosen band for this assignment is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band based out of New Orleans. The band’s name comes from Preservation Hall in New Orleans where music is played every Wednesday and Saturday nights. The band is comprised of: Wendell Brunious playing trumpet. David Grillier playing the clarinet. Frank Demond playing the trombone. […]

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Dizzy Gillespie

In music, I don’t see too much difference between head arrangements and written arrangements. The jazz musician, though he practically never receives credit for it, is constantly composing during his improvisations, and most of the melodies he creates are never set down on paper, nor on record…If they had those midget tape recorders on the […]

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Music Comparison- Jazz vs Dubstep

Music is everywhere. You wake up in the morning to your alarm clock blasting music into your ear. Then you take a shower and sing your favorite tune. Even when you enter your car, you turn on your radio and rock out to your favorite music station. Music is not just an art, it is […]

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