Essay on Internet Access

Internet Access In The World 18664

INTERNET ACCESS IN THE WORLD ——————————————————————————–When we look at the development of the Internet all around the world, we see that it is like a horse carriage. The single horse of this carriage is running at an incredible speed and is constantly pulling the carriage. Wherever the horse turns the carriage is following it because […]

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Impact of Internet Usage on the Academic Performance

INTRODUCTION Problem Statement: The impact of internet usage on the academic performance of adolescent students at St. Stephens College . Statement of Problem: The study investigates how students of St Stephens College are affected by the use of the internet. St. Stephens College, located in Princes Town, Trinidad is known as one of the highest […]

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Parents should moniter internet usage

Know this from experience my best friend when was three. She was cubbyhole and she committed suicide her. Because she thought none was there for their life The next reason Is online predators. Kids don’t realize how much they put at risk till Its to late. Statistics show that 90% of 16 and under have […]

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Internet Connection Devices

For most of us we use computers on a dally basis for personal emails, work, and even school. But In order for us to transfer Information back and forth we need to be connected to the World Wide Web. We do so through the Internet Service Providers (SIPS). These are individual organizations that maintain gateways […]

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Internet and its Role

Developing Country: Bangladesh by Barsha Mahzabin Date: ” Preface coherent message. First, we wanted vision to inspire and challenge us to think about technology, development, and their relation-ship, in new ways. Second, we wanted to better understand how internet technology stands and its overall history in Bangladesh. Third, how it is affecting the socio economic […]

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The Effects of Prolonged Internet Usage on the Academic Results of Preteens and Teenagers

The Effects of Prolonged Internet Usage on the Academic Results of Preteens and Teenagers Date: 19th December 2011 Supervisor: Ms. Kumudini Sarathchandra Student Details: Dharshan Jayalath2010102 Shehara Gamage2010017 Lahiru Gunasekara2010094 Table of Contents 1. Background3 2. Problem Domain5 3. Research Question7 4. Conceptual Model9 5. Hypothesis10 6. Operationalisation of the Conceptual Model11 7. Methodology12 8. […]

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