Essay on International Economics

International Business

  AbstractIn this research paper we are going to analyze the role of various trade theories in the successful international trade operations. These trade operations are carried out to take the advantage of the resources that the countries lack and those that are in abundance. The practicing of these theories as guidelines really helps the companies […]

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Trade Issues between US and China

This essay will research the relationship between the United States and China in regards to trading policies. A brief description of the United States’ foreign policy will be given and following this an examination of the US-China trade relation will be analyzed with historical background ranging from 1979 to present. In the development of this […]

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Capital Account Convertibility

This report has been prepared to discuss the issue of Capital Account Convertibility (CAC) and India’s experience with it. The concept of CAC and its history and its implications has been discussed. The recommendations of the Tarapore Committee (the committee set up for looking into the issue of CAC) have been presented. Lastly, the progress […]

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