Essay on Insanity

Secret Window

Content Orientation Film analysis Table of content Information about the film -Summary of the filmpage 3 What is the story being told? -Plot informationpage4 -Plot versus Storypage7 How does the film tell its story? -Mise en scenepage7 -Camera techniquespage9 -Soundpage10 Why the film is made this way? -Meaning behind the filmpage11 My own thoughts about […]

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The Insanity of Edmond Dantes

The Insanity of Edmond Dantes In the story The Count of Monty Christo by Alexander Dumar, Edmond Dantes is to become the captain of the ship Pharaon. He is framed for collaborating with a traitor. Edmond is sent to prison without a proper trial. The prison, Chateau d’If, is a terrible place. Dantes finds the […]

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