Essay on Income Tax

Tax assessment in malaysia

The functions carried out by RIB include: To act as an agent of the government and to provide services in administering, assessing, collecting and enforcing payment of various taxes; To advise the government on matters relating to taxation and to liaise with the appropriate government departments and statutory bodies on such taters; To participate in […]

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Income Tax in the United States and Dividend Income

Please explain. No they have not recorded them properly, according to Rev. Ruling 82-11, Coyote Corp.. Actually includes the dividend income for federal tax purposes because they are contractually entitled to receive the dividend on the date of record. Fox does not include the dividend income on their federal return. Rev. Rule 82-11 says: “Therefore, […]

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Tax and Old Cars

It is a great pleasure to get the opportunity to contact with you. As you requested me to give you an advice, I would like to explain you some points that will help you while you do your activity. You mentioned that your hobby is restoring old cars. Buying them from auctions, repair them and […]

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