Essay on Immanuel Kant

Locke, Berkeley and Hume’s empiricist approach to knowledge and the conclusions they reach

Empiricist philosophy arose out of doubts towards rationalism, in an attempt to search for a theory of knowledge that would be consistent with ordinary human behaviour. Instead of seeking absolutely certain knowledge about an alleged real world, empiricists have tried to discover where we get our information from and what degree of reliability it actually […]

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Subjectivism as an Ethical Theory

While ethical relativism comes in many shapes, its most individualistic expression is ethical subjectivism. It argues that the criteria for what is considered morally right or wrong is ‘the individual’s perceptions, opinions, experiences, inclinations, and desires. ‘ Ethical subjectivism denies the existence of universal moral codes. It views ethics as being private, individual, and subjective […]

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Hacking into Harvard

Summary of Events: This case involves students who have applied to MBA programs, who stumbled across an opportunity to learn of their results early, information that had been obtained via message board. Anyone who has ever applied for admission to a prestigious college, or who has been interview for a desired job knows the feeling […]

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Four Schools of Thought

In today’s fast-paced business environment, there is a greater emphasis placed on ethics training as companies seek to comply with regulatory requirements and improve business efficiency. Ethics picks up where the law leaves off, providing more than just the moral minimum to avoid intentional harm. When studying ethics, the variety of ethical theories offers different […]

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Deontology versus Teleology

Normative Ethics is a category of ethics that is mainly concerned on the judgement of human action in the context of right and wrong. Normative Ethics, in a general perspective, is sub-divided into two main ideas deontology and teleology, these two universal branches of normative ethics are conventionally contrasted to one another due to the […]

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