Essay on High street

Visual Merchandising: Shop Window Displays

The way a store displays its merchandise in their window has a distinct effect on attracting customers through the door. According to Mary Portas (1999), shop windows are the ‘art of the high street. ‘ Visual merchandising is the method of displaying products to promote a store with an aim to attracting potential customers. The […]

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The Decline of the High Street

In this essay I will be providing background information on Emile Durkheim life and the foundations on which his work and views are based. I will also be illustrating Durkheim’s reaction to Shopped by Joanna Blythman. I will be discussing the ideas developed in Emile Durkheim’s work of what he would say about the content […]

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Financial institutions and their role within the UK Economy

These organisations can be seen on the most high streets. Their purpose is to supply a financial service to both the public and business organisations.Banks are public limited companies with their shares quoted on the stock exchange. Their aim is to make profit which will be distributed to their shareholders. Banks play a very important […]

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Vintage fashion

With more and more vintage shops springing up all around the country, this is an indicator that our culture is becoming more accepting again to the trend of purchasing garments which have had previous owners. High street shops are still very popular but vintage shops are booming. Currently.In the last few months I am also […]

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Inki Ltd Swot Analisys

INKI LTD SWOT ANALISYS STRENGHTS 1. 60 shops are well placed in the market. Most of the shops based in high street, they are close to offices, which can mean potential customers. 2. In the shops sellers get to know customers one by one. There is a relationship with direct sales, which can help to […]

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Outline Nature of Supermarket Power on High Streets and Beyond

This essay is summarising the studies and concept regarding supermarket power on high streets and beyond. From Wikipedia definition, “Supermarkets are usually mega-stores, a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food and household products, organized into aisles”. They usually are located outside of the city. High streets, in comparison, stands for a series of […]

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