Essay on Hazardous Waste

Solid Waste Management Analysis

Solid Waste Management in Mumbai Mumbai has a coastal stretch of 603 sq km. Geographically, the city of Mumbai can be divided into three sections, namely, the island city (or main city), the western suburbs and the eastern suburbs. These are also known for administrative purposes as Division l, Division II and Division Ill, respectively. […]

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Should We Go Beyond the Law. Ethics

Should We Go Beyond the Law? How would you describe Chem-Tech, Inc. according to the Continuum of Social Responsibility Strategies, and why? Chem-Tech, Inc. , is an Industry leading chemical company. According to our audit, taking into consideration the Continuum of Social Responsibility Strategies, we were able to determine Chem-Tech, Inc’s social responsibility strategy. Social […]

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Waste Disposal

With an increase in industrial development and population growing at an alarming rate, waste and for that matter waste disposal, is becoming a growing problem worldwide. This constitutes a major problem especially for most countries in the developing world as a result of inadequate mechanisms for the proper disposing of wastes. According to Narayana (2008), […]

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