Essay on Gulf War

Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait

By 1990, Iraq had spent eight years at war with Iran and was A? 50 billion in debt. Explaining why Iraq invaded Kuwait, Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi foreign minister said: “The leadership was focusing domestically on rebuilding the country, those cities and towns that had been destroyed during the wara€¦ improving the standard of living […]

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Battle of Khafji

Military operations during liberation of Khafji Date29 January – 1 February 1991 LocationKhafji, Saudi Arabia 28°25? N 48°30? ECoordinates: 28°25? N 48°30? E ResultIraqis capture the Saudi city Khafji Coalition repulse the Iraqi troops two days later Belligerents United States Saudi Arabia Qatar United KingdomIraq Commanders and leaders Khalid bin Sultan Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Norman […]

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