Essay on Grammar

Inflectional Morphology

Inflectional Morphology ‘… and even … the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury found it advisable …’ ‘Found what? said the Duck. ‘Found it, ‘the Mouse replied rather crossly; ‘of course you know what “it” means. ’ ‘I know what “it” means well enough, when I find a thing, ‘said the Duck; ‘it’s generally a frog or […]

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Teaching language functions

Introduction There are many different linguistic communications in our universe that are different. And each linguistic communication has its regulation. Language map is a portion of the linguistic communication. Besides, each linguistic communication has its map, which is used to pass on. Furthermore, linguistic communication map makes us to pass on right. If we do […]

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Theretical Grammar

1. The definition of language. The distinction between language and speech. Language as a semiotic system: its functions, elements and structure. Lingual elements (units) as signs. Segmental and supra-segmental lingual units. 2. The levels оf lingual units, their structural and functional features. Hierarchical relations between units of different levels. Language and speech levels. Primary and […]

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