Essay on Gothic Fiction

Consider the Influence of Gothic Fiction upon pre 20th century and 20th century texts

In this essay I aim to compare and discuss the influence of gothic elements in ‘The Red Room’ by H. G. Wells, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte and ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ by Susan Hill. Gothic fiction is a type of fiction that predominated in English literature in the last third of the […]

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Charlotte Bronte

The red-room was a spare chamber, was a ‘very seldom’ place where Mr. Reed died nine years ago. The red room shows a number of gothic elements in order to make a horroristic image in our heads about the place she is locked into. The place was ‘solemn because it was known to be so […]

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Rise of the English Novel

The Rise of the English Novel English literature has a long and colorful history. From the masterfully written old English tales of Chaucer to the countless Shakespearian dramas to the poetic verses of Tennyson, England has produced some of the richest treasures of the literary world. Not until the eighteenth century, however, did a type […]

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The Pit and The Pendulum, An Encounter and The Pedestrian

The texts chosen for this study are: ‘The Pit and The Pendulum’ by Edgar Allan Poe and ‘An Encounter’ by James Joyce which, I feel, are appropriate as they provide comprehensive coverage of the themes analysed whilst managing to cover a historical period of some seventy years1. Poe’s piece is a dark, Gothic work which […]

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The Mortal Immortal

The Mortal Immortal was quite different than past assigned readings for several reasons. First, it was a short story rather than a long-winded, descriptive novel. This appealed to me because that, in itself, shows a turn to the modern side of literature. Gone are the days of praising the sublime and merely hinting at characters […]

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American Gothic Fiction

American Gothic Fiction is a subgenre of Gothic Fiction. Elements specific to American Gothic include: rational vs irrational, puritanism, guilt, Das Unheimliche (strangeness within the familiar as defined by Sigmund Freud), abhumans, ghosts, monsters, and domestic abjection. The roots of these concepts lay in a past riddled with slavery, a fear of racial mixing (miscegenation), […]

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Carter’s use of metamorphosis in The Bloody Chamber

In The Tiger’s Bride and The Courtship of Mr Lyon Carter uses transformation from human to animal and vice versa, exploring how two natures can exist in one person, and how transformation can reveal some idea of truth. Metamorphosis is essential in these tales and the idea of blurring reality and fantasy is traditional in […]

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