Essay on Gautama Buddha

Pensive Bodhisattva

The Seated Maitreya statue is one of the many prominent Korean most respected artistic religious icons. The value of this sculptural work is amazing and sensational, cast in early 17th century, the statue is profoundly and elegantly associated interpretation of Buddhist principles of calm, silence and concern that leads to illumination. This statue, though in […]

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Sudden Awakening in Zen Buddhism

July 4th Churchill Elangwe Sudden awakening All of us on this earth desire happiness and many of us go through great efforts to achieve that goal. Some look for happiness in material things, but are often disappointed because of the transitory nature of the material world. Others look to religion and spirituality for happiness, but […]

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‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘Siddhartha’

The notion of dissatisfaction is echoed in the lives of Raskolnikov and Siddhartha, the protagonists of ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘Siddhartha’. An impoverished student, Raskolnikov thought he was part of some elite Superman echelon2. He thought he could revolutionize society but poverty constrained his goals. This led to discontent. Ultimately, he vented his frustrations by […]

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Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra. India are a Buddhist monastery composite of 29 rock-cut cave memorials incorporating pictures and sculpture considered to be chef-d’oeuvres of both “Buddhist spiritual art” [ 1 ] and “universal pictural art” [ 2 ] The caves are located merely outside the small town of Ajin?ha in Aurangabad District in the Indian […]

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Comparison Of Buddhist And Christian Ethics Theology Religion

Buddhism and Christianity are faiths with comprehensive and contrasting ethical Torahs and imposts. Throughout this essay the ethical patterns of both faiths will be described in item, with an geographic expedition of their similarities and differences presented. Description of Buddhist Ethical Practices Seven hebdomads after Prince Siddhartha Gautama had attained enlightenment whilst chew overing under […]

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Gupta Empire

Body Paragraphs The time of the Gupta Empire is considered a golden age in that it flourished in countless ways due to its advancements in art and mathematics. In this time period they were able to establish the decimal system of numbers based on ten. This number system is significant to society and it is […]

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Classical Comparison

Classical Comparison Essay During the Ancient times, China and India both had their own set of beliefs; Han Wudi excerised Confucianism in China and Ashoka promoted Buddhism in India but Han Wudi was not a lover of Confucian where Ashoka himself practiced Buddhism. However both ruled with a centralized bureaucracy and policed the provinces to […]

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Path to Enlightenment and Power

Good morning respected teachers, judges and my dear friends. I am Mayank Apte from class X representing bhakti house and I am going to speak on the topic ‘education- path to enlightenment and power. ’ Education – the word itself means the theory or practice of teaching. Education has been there since the past times […]

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The White Tiger

“The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga is a piece of literature that talks about India left and right. A book that can be half fiction half true. It talks about the fortunate and the unfortunate, the rich and the poor. The irony shown in this book about corruption, oppression of the poor, reality of India […]

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