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Automation technology researchers report progress on virtually all of the technical problems, although the degree of progress often depends on research funding, commercial demand for related products, and inclinations of researchers. The technical barriers to increased sophistication in programmable automation are largely due to the complexity of the manufacturing environment, and to the fact that […]

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The Government Should Stop Funding the Iits and the Iims and

The government should stop funding the IITs and the IIMs and, instead, divert the funds to primary education. Favour * India is not a developed country here literacy ratio is very less so government should concentrate on make more people literate rather then concentrating on small group of population * Students from IIT IIM are […]

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Chesapeake Dbq

The New England and Chesapeake colonies, while both founded by England and settled mainly by Englishmen, ended up being very different settlements by the 1700s. The reasons for this were differences in geography, religion and reasons for funding, and the types of settlers who emigrated to each settlement The Chesapeake and New England colonies while […]

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What are the major risks that financial intermediaries face

A financial intermediary is an establishment or an institution which acts as a third party between investors and firms in trying to obtain funding. A general explanation would be the instance of a saver who has extra money and a borrower who needs this extra capital. A typical example of a financial intermediary is a […]

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Chinese orphanage

The stimuli I had to respond to, were two articles about a Chinese orphanage, in which it was reported babies suffered terrible treatment, due to a lack of staff, and a lack of funding, and “Examination Day” by Henry Sleasar. The first stimulus told us that Parents were forced to abandon their children for a […]

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The Implications of Insufficient Funding from Governments into Transportation Infrastructure

In this essay, it will discuss how current freight transportation challenges are presented due to the implication of insufficient funding from governments into transportation infrastructure. Problems such as constructing new infrastructures, maintaining existing infrastructures and shut down of supply chain are raised due to the shift of focus of the government into other urgent sectors […]

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Securenet Inc

SecureNet INC, a software enterprise that focuses on the e-commerce security, is trying to raise a first round of funding in October 2000. The company has been unsuccessful in attracting funding from venture capitalists, and raised a small round seeds from local investors in Virginia. In the following two month, SecureNet financed a $250,000 bridge […]

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Argument Against Publicly Funding Sports Facilities

Recently it was announced that the city of Minneapolis agreed to a deal with the Minnesota Vikings, a franchise in the National Football League, to help fund the construction of a new stadium for the team to play in. While this will be deemed as great news by local fans of the team, I believe […]

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Pharmagen 9-2 Deloitte Trueblood Case

1.State the issue at hand. (Typically this is merely the question you are asked at the end of the case.) How to account for the funding of the R&D and royalty payments 2.State the fact pattern. BRIEFLY present the relevant facts. (Bullet points can be very useful here.) (This can be a challenge, given that […]

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