Essay on Franklin D. Roosevelt

The New Deal Was Not A Complete Success

The parts of the new deal, which people thought were a success, are that the new deal sorted out the banking by protecting peoples savings and properties Roosevelt decided to close the banks because, during the depression banks were going bankrupt and with Roosevelt having this knowledge he decided to get all banks closed until […]

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The main features of the New Deal

In the 1930s America hit its worst slump in history, in attempt to get Americans back to work, protect savings and property, and to provide relief for the sick, old and unemployed Roosevelt created the New Deal. The three main aims were relief, recovery and reform. The first period of Roosevelt’s presidency was named ‘The […]

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Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal

Question one, Why did the American people support Roosevelt in the 1932 election?There were three main reasons why people supported Roosevelt; the failures of his opponent and predecessor, Herbert Hoover, his policies and his election campaign. The major failing of Herbert Hoover, which gave Roosevelt an advantage in the election, was that he didn’t appear […]

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John Smith and Herbert Hoover

Both John Smith and Herbert Hoover, lost their most important elections because of the erroneous perception by the American people. In 1928, Smith was believed to be an agent of Rome and a corrupt New Tammany politician who did not have the best interests of the country at heart. In 1932, President Hoover was perceived […]

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How did the Second New Deal Differ

The first New Deal constituted of short-term relief measures targeted at agriculture, public works, business regulation and inflation. Though the reforms sought to alleviate the effects of the Great Depression, the first New Deal was unable to address the basic issue of unemployment and decreasing salaries which led to a weak consumer demand. The second […]

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