Essay on Form Of The Good

Background Of Henri Fayol Commerce

Henri Fayol was a Gallic industrialist and director, working in the mine industry and looking for applicable solution to concern direction. He went to school in Lyon ( the 2nd largest metropolis of France ) and enrolled at the technology school of Saint-Etienne ( Ecole Nationale des Mines ) . He received an instruction as […]

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1000 Proverbs and Sayings

English Proverbs and Sayings 03. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. 13. A burnt child dreads the fire. 20. A close mouth catches no flies. 22. A cracked bell can never sound well. 25. A danger foreseen is half avoided. 31. A fool always rushes to the fore. 36. A fool’s tongue runs before […]

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The Good Person Of Szechwan

In The Good Person of Szechwan, Bertolt Brecht portrays his Marxist ideals through the actions of his characters and their reactions to their poor social conditions. The major theme of his work emphasizes that those who survive are the ones who rule not by goodness but by the evil and corruption in the society. Shu […]

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Rise of Disciplinary Problems

Recently, there has been a drastic rise in disciplinary cases among the students of SMK Jalan Bunga, Sg. Panjang. It has caught the attention of many teachers and myself as the Head Prefect of this school. We do not want this scenario to continuously ruin the good reputation of this school. A survey and interviews […]

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