Essay on Fog

The Broken Promise

The fog covered the Normandy coast like a grey, damp blanket. Every breath I took felt bitter and polluted along with the strong smell of fired ammo and rotten flesh. The bloodstained waves lashed the sides of the landing craft. Attempting to capsize the vessel and fail the mission before I had even stepped foot […]

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Monologue about the war or an experience of war

Once on a dark winter’s day, when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavily in the streets of London, lamps were lit and shop windows blazed with gas as they do at night. I was sitting in a cab and driven rather slowly through the big thoroughfares, starring out of the window at the […]

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Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Vandana Ashtakala Mrs. Clay Grade 11 Honors English, Period 3 September 20, 2011 Lost in Fog Shrouded under the foggy presence of lies and denial, one can live a misleading life. People are forced to operate under a facade until they are forced to reflect upon their fake life. This may result in epiphanies which […]

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