Essay on Financial Market

Global Financial Markets

Hedge Fund has several definitions, but none of them accepted globally, however, it is refer to a fund, which can get hold of long and short positions, purchase and then sell low/undervalued securities, possesses a pool of securities and sometimes other assets, and tends to invest in an opportunistic environment where it anticipates extraordinary gains […]

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Marketing and Financial Markets

2012 edition Pride & Ferrell William M. Pride Texas A & M University O. C. Ferrell Univesity of New Mexico brief contents Part 1: Marketing Strategy and Customer relationships 1 1. An overview of Strategic Marketing. 2 2. Planning, implementing, and Controlling Marketing Strategies 30 Part 2: environmental Forces and Social and ethical responsibilities 61 […]

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Glossary – Financial Markets & Institutions

Glossary – Financial Markets & Institutions ________________________________________ A advances A bank’s borrowings from the Federal Reserve System. Also known as discount loans. adverse selection The problem created by asymmetric information before a transaction occurs: the people who are the most undesirable from the other party’s point of view are the ones who are most likely […]

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Financial Inclusion in India

A path towards India’s future economic growth by Dr. K. Ravichandran, Dr. Khalid Alkhathlan Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia SYNOPSIS: Though our country’s economy is growing around 9 percent, still the growth is not inclusive with the economic condition of the people in rural areas worsening further. One of the typical reasons for […]

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Merchant Banking

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Although merchant banking activity was ushered in two decades ago, it was only in 1992 after the formation of Securities and Exchange Board of India that it is defined and a set of rules and regulations in place. Today a merchant banker is who has the ability to merchandise that is, create or […]

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