Essay on Film Theory

Analyse The Noir Mediascape By

Since its initial rise in popularity in the 1940’s, the notion of the “noir mediascape” has been established due to the characteristics attributed to noir infiltrating into other forms of the media. Characteristics such as noir iconography, themes, narratives and character representations have been adopted by various media ventures, and these characteristics will be explored […]

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Background to the French new wave cinema

The New Wave ( Gallic: LA Nouvelle Vague was a term coined by critics for a group of Gallic Film makers that existed in the late fiftiess and 1960s. these set of film makers were really influenced by Italian Neorealism. ( New organize pragmatism ) . Although. this group of people was non good organized […]

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Can Jeunet be justified as an auteur even though his earliest works were co directed with Caro

Jeunets films can be considered the work of an auteur, even though Jeunets earlier works were collaborative projects with Marc Caro,Jeunet can still be justified as an auteur, even though his first films were co-directed with Marc Caro as his signature style established in these collaborative works is continued throughout his film making.I want to […]

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