Essay on Filipino Language

Teodoro Kalaw: Aide-de-Camp to Freedom

This book is about the life of Teodoro M. Kalaw and his experience as a journalist, public servant, and historian. He earnestly defended the Filipinos and the “Filipino Soul” in his various publications and was called in diverse domains of service in which he was severely praised. A certain publication organ called The Citizen said: […]

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The Philippine Prehistory

Culture is the way of living of certain people. How they dress, how they eat, how they court and bear children, how they are buried, and many more refer to their culture. Edward B. Taylor defined culture as that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, moral, laws, customs, and any capabilities and habits acquired […]

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The Person I Idmire Most

The Philippine islands first came to the attention of Europeans with the Spanish expedition around the world led by Portuguese explorerFerdinand Magellan in 1521. Magellan landed on the island of Cebu, claiming the lands for Spain and naming them Islas de San Lazaro. He set up friendly relations with some of the local chieftains and […]

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