Essay on Fast Food Restaurant

Subway Is the Better Fast Food Restaurant.

COM155 Subway Is The Better Fast Food Restaurant. Living in this crazy world that is today, where family dinners consist of whatever fast food restaurant is on the way home from work. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is no wonder why 33% of American adults and 17% of American children […]

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Kfc Busienss Practices

American International University – Bangladesh Report on: ‘A study on the Marketing Mix practices of KFC in Bangladesh. ’ Submitted to: Ruhul Azad Amin Course Instructor Course: Business Communication Section: F2 M. B. A Submitted by: Sabbir Imtiaz Khan (13-96431-1) Khan Md. Rahat (08-10995-2 Hasnat Md. Abul (13-96553-1) Chowdhury Saimun Sanjid (13-96551-1) Saha Sourav Kumar […]

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Customer Satifaction

Chapter I I. Introduction The findings of this research are mostly useful to those (managers and crews) who intend to give customer satisfaction. The research indicates the most important aspects to give 100% customer satisfaction that will benefit customers and the company as well. In the past few years significant growth has been noticed on […]

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How does McDonalds attract its customers

McDonalds started with one restaurant in the US in 1955. Today McDonalds is the largest and best-known global foodservice retailer. With more than 32,000 restaurants in over 120 countries, their global market potential is enormous. I am going to investigate how McDonalds attracts its customers by marketing. I will research into the products McDonalds sells […]

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Analysing The Porters 5 Forces Model

Introduction McDonalds Corporation truly began in 1954 when Ray Kroc decided that he would turn the successful Californian store owned by the McDonald brothers into a chain. Today McDonalds is the world’s largest restaurant chain, worth over $70 billion (Yahoo7Finance 2008). McDonalds has grown via constant refinement of business practices and by knowing their customers […]

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Mcdonalds Porters Five Forces Model

Analysing McDonalds (fast food outlets) using Porters 5 Forces model – sometimes called the Competitive Forces model. Introduction McDonalds Canada opened in 1967, thirteen years after McDonalds had taken the United States by storm. This was the first restaurant to be opened outside of the United States. It was in 1965 that McDonalds went public […]

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Consumer Attitudes to Western Fast Food Restaurants

1. The introduction of the program. I am the manager of a restaurant, I plan to affiliate a western fast food restaurant. so, I have to investigate the attitudes toward western fast food restaurants in Xi’an city. Among most western restaurants, the KFC, the McDonalds and the Pizzahut. Therefore, I decide to carry on the […]

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McDonalds Corporation: History

During the 1930s drive-throughs became the trends for fast food restaurant especially in the United States. Brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald had introduced their first carhop in Pasadena, California in 1937. Although this establishment was only small and offered limited food, they provide a unique fast food service to the customer. Wanting to get more […]

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Mcdonalds Should Be Banned

McDonalds is a worldwide chain that tortures its animals, cuts the lifespan of its customers and taking over the world. This is why I believe it should be banned. First, let’s start with some statistics: * Last year, the company raked in a huge 28 billion US dollars; there are over 33,000 stores worldwide. Americans […]

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